Temple Run 2 is a treasure hunt game simple but no less attractive, is provided free of charge to your mobile device.
With over 170 million downloads, Temple Run game is considered a quality mobile games and charismatic. Now players can experience more attractive from the runs, jumping, moving and sliding in Temple Run 2.

In Temple Run 2, players can navigate through rugged cliffs, twisting paths, quarries and mountainous wilderness ... to escape from pursuers obnoxious. Let's try to see how you can run away?

A new feature in this version of Temple Run 2, players will be taken to a whole new playing field, where you have to face many obstacles and new challenges. You will be chased by just a giant monster and you must run away before the pursuit of a monkey with a larger size than the monkeys that you've faced in the previous version.

In addition, players also have the condition represented his ability to swing through spectacular shots, or control a wheelchair on the tracks in the cellar filled with unexpected dangers.

Graphic quality and sound effects in the new version of Temple Run 2 also appreciated.


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Temple Run 2 with compelling gameplay plus graphics, great sound became best game offline phone with 50 million downloads in just 2 weeks.

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